Rules of Survival is now trending on google play with its 1crore+ downloads

Rules of Survival is now trending on google play with its 1crore+ downloads

Amazing games are rare, few times they come to players at free of cost. This time something like that happened. The Rules of Survival game is not only amazing but also has got the potential to make sense about itself. It is basically survival game as we all can guess out of it.



Basic Game Play Features

The content is superb, 8x8km bounded perimeter is the initial plot of this game. 300 players are deployed randomly in this area. The aim of a unit player to survive till the last man standing. The twist fact of this game is the area given initially doesn’t remain the same all the time. With the progress of the game, the in-game map decreases into shorter circles.



Rules of Survival on App Store & Google Play

Ø  The game is developed and published by the company NetEase Games for Android and iOS platform, and it comes in the action genre on Google play.

Ø  It is a widely popular game and being this, till date it has reached a usual download in numerous range of 1 lakh to 1 crore on google play.

Ø  The gamers are not only hooked into it but also so much willing about the light comprehensive interface, graphics, scenarios, maps thus maintaining an average 4.3 rating on google play store.

Ø  Rated 16+ on Google through a warning for strong violence!! If this seems to be strong, then what they will say for PUBG.

Ø  NetEase is offering the game for free in the stores but here are numerous in-app purchases to increase the in-game skills and enjoy the assistance.


Game Mechanism and Game Play

The primary object to observe when you’re getting on track in Rules of Survival is that there are numerous unalike styles that you can play—three in total. You can play unaccompanied, which is you counter to everybody. Couples, which is you and a companion against other squads of two, and then teams, which suits you and three others against other squads of the equal quantity. You can choose which style you need to play at the set menu, later you select the server that you want to log into. Pick a mode that fits your playstyle, and then jump in to begin.

When you’ve chosen your approach and started the game, you’ll have to free-fall and parachute in over a gigantic plot. Then you’ll need to pick a good place to land in, as landing in a well-looted place is vital to staying alive long-term in Rules of Survival. Your greatest stake is to find a weapon as fast as probable. This can be achieved in a congregation of ways, and we’d advise constructing your way down to the ground in zones with many constructions to grow the odds of gaining wealth worth your spell.

The world is colossal, then there are a lot of crooks that your opponents could be waiting at your back. Retain this in observance as you make your techniques through Rules of Survival cheats, and as you chase for new wealth to take down those identical rivals. You never know where anyone might seem from following, or what riddles the knoll in observance of you might be covering. Take belongings sluggishly, preserve an eye on the atmosphere around you, and not ever halt inspecting your back. If you can study to practice the camera proficiently in Rules of Survival hack, and you can take note to your atmosphere, then you’ll be healthy on your method to finishing up in a much-improved residence on the leaderboards.