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Shane Interviewed
Shane was recently featured in a Forbes interview. Read more – ‘Shane Interviewed’.
How Fortunes Change…
May 2002 May 2012 Market Value Market Value AAPL $      8,688.00 AAPL $  528,842.00 DELL $    68,744.00 DELL $    23,347.80 CSCO $  119,152.00 CSCO $    89,595.00 MSFT $  294,309.00 MSFT $  246,877.00 HPQ $    47,481.00 HPQ $    44,982.12 IBM $  143,673.00 IBM $  233,415.00 Total (excluding Apple) $  673,359.00 $  638,216.92 *approximate market values Read more – ‘How Fortunes Change…’.
Cracker Barrel, Biglari Holdings, and Noise Free Investments
An excerpt from our 2010 letter to the board of Biglari Holdings is now part of the Cracker Barrel defense against Sardar Biglari (Slide 35). Interestingly, this isn’t the first time our comments have made their way into SEC filings. Read more – ‘Cracker Barrel, Biglari Holdings, and Noise Free Investments’.

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